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What are the benefits of artificial turf using simulated green enclosure
Release time:2022-03-01

  It is of great benefit to popularize the artificial turf wall and the artificial plant enclosure at the construction site. Construction site is prone to dust pollution, the construction site enclosure using simulated green artificial lawn can not only beautify the urban environment, but also has dust suppression, sound-absorbing and other environmental protection effects.

  Housing construction engineering, rail transit engineering, demolition engineering site enclosure should be set up simulation green plants; Municipal engineering site can refer to the housing construction site to set up simulation green plant enclosure, but also according to the actual situation to set up standardized enclosure. Green plant WeiDang structure using artificial lawn as decorative surface simulation, artificial turf back glue should with WeiDang wall stick close together, without clear off color, do not fade, the height (thickness) of no less than 1 cm, sod tufting density of not less than 13650 needle/square metre, grass fiber denier, not less than 7500 points, and the lawn environmental quality shall not be lower than synthetic materials quality control standard of jiangsu province. The factory certificate of simulated lawn and relevant technical parameters should be provided for reference at the construction site.

  Unfilled soccer grass. PNG

  The green plant enclosure facilities must be set up enclosed hard enclosure, enclosure setting must be firm and stable, neat and beautiful, the foundation must be firm; Encourage and popularize the use of simulated green plant enclosure and green plant culture wall. Vigorously promote the simulation of green plant enclosure, can let our city full of vitality and vitality.

  Simulation green enclosure is the most extensive form of municipal greening, the original common is the printing enclosure, with the improvement of people's environmental requirements, in recent years, especially from the beginning of 15 years, simulation green enclosure into people's sight.

  The idea is to cover steel plates, or concrete walls, or wooden planks with green turf. The quality of artificial lawn is better than printing, because of the thickness, usually with artificial lawn to make the stereo effect is good. And the enclosure of artificial lawn should be durable and can be used for 5-6 years without problems.

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