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How to choose the height and density of artificial turf?
Release time:2022-02-22

  How to choose the height and density of artificial turf? Artificial turf?

  There is little relationship between density, quality and height of artificial turf in kindergartens, but it can determine the grade and price of artificial turf in kindergartens. The better the quality of artificial lawn in kindergarten, the more the price and corresponding materials required, the better its comfort and beauty. The shorter the turf, the less aesthetic and comfortable it is, but that doesn't mean the higher the turf, the better. If the turf is too high, the silk will fall off easily. As a result of uneven treading, grass silk will form different ups and downs after falling, seriously affect the appearance.

  In general, artificial grass used in kindergartens is mainly recreational grass. Which recreational grass should be chosen for the height and density of artificial turf in kindergarten? In fact, this problem bothers many consumers because they do not know how to choose the height and density of turf.

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  First of all, artificial turf in kindergartens is different from artificial turf in football fields, so the selection is different, and the height and density of the turf are different. If it is the artificial lawn of professional club football field, diamond monofilament grass is usually selected. The grass height is about 40mm-70mm, density is 10500, high wear resistance and good flatness. The artificial lawn used by ordinary kindergartens is composed of olive monofilament + curvy silk. They have different uses, so the grass has different heights and densities.

  Artificial lawn turf in kindergarten is straight grass silk, usually 20-30mm high grass silk, because the grass silk at this height is soft, has good flatness and beauty. Artificial lawn in kindergarten is generally composed of straight silk + curved silk, with 12 strands, row spacing 3/8, 160 stitches /10cm, and density of 16,800 stitches. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose artificial lawn of kindergarten with density of 16,800 and height of 20-30mm.

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