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  • 人造草坪
  • 足球场人造草坪
  • 幼儿园人造草坪




Rainbow grass

  Jiangsu Shuangzhu Artificial Turf Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, design, grass silk, production, sales and after-sales service in the professional sports facilities, specializing in the production of grass, landscape grass, track grass, golf grass, suitable for school football field, kindergarten, gate court, roof greening and so on.

  The product has good uv resistance and flame retardant performance, good drainage, long service life, health, environmental protection, no pollution, simple maintenance and recycling.

  "Service first" and "product diversification" have always been the goal of our company, to provide customers around the world with perfect services and products, to make contributions to the cause of sports.

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